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Aqua Rite 900®

AquaRite 900 with 40,000 gallon Extended Life TurboCellItem # AQR940

Features & Benefits:

    • Best water quality available delivers crystal clear water with a soft, silk feel that is always ready for swimming. No more red eyes or irritated skin.
    • Simple homeowner operation with the ability to adjust chlorine output from 0–100%
    • Smart Pool Control Compatible: Bundle existing or new AquaRite installations with Hayward OmniHub smart pool and spa control to deliver instant and convenient access, control, and management to the entire pool pad.
    • NSF certified for chlorine delivery rates
    • Easy to understand digital display
    • Automatic cell cleaning using reverse polarity technology
    • Super chlorinate function
    • Single unit for 120VAC/240VAC 50/60Hz input
    • Weatherproof enclosure and connections
  • ETL safety certified


Right-sized salt chlorination.
Salt Chlorination Turbo Cells are available in three sizes – 40,000, 25,000 and 15,000 gallons. The three sizes enable you to right-size your system for the most efficient and cost-effective chlorination possible.


Aquarite 925 Extended life (4 year) up to to 25,000 Gallons $1155  *Only sold thru store.  No online purchases

Aquarite 940 Extended life (4 year) up to 40,000 Gallons $1329.00 *Only sold thru store. No online purchases

Replacement cells


T Cell 3 Up to 15,000 Gallons $355.00
T Cell Extended Life Up to 25.000 Gallons $555.00
T Cell 940 Extended Life Up to 40,000 Gallons $689.00


Jandy Tru Clear

Simple, Reliable Saltwater Chlorination

The Jandy Pro Series TruClear Salt System was designed from the ground up to be simple to own and maintain without sacrificing performance or reliability. It can also be controlled from a smart phone using the iAquaLink™ app when combined with AquaLink® Automation Systems. Features include durable Jandy Never Lube Valve construction, a compact design for easy integration in most equipment pad configurations, and a transparent window for quick visual inspection of blades. The energy-efficient TruClear also works at extremely low-flow rates making it fully compatible with variable-speed pumps.

Available for sale only at your local pool store. This product can not be purchased online.


  • Extreme Reliability – Constructed with durable Jandy Never Lube valve material
  • Easy to Install – Versions available for new construction applications, and with unions for retrofit installations; compact design takes up less space and easily adapts to most equipment pad configurations
  • Simple to Service – transparent window design allows easy visual inspection of blades; removable cell with attached cord can be easily dipped into the cleaning solution for quick service; and tool-free twist-lock connector enables foolproof, one-step electrical connection to the power pack
  • Three year standard warranty
  • Now with Dual Voltage! (120/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz)
  • NEW! iAquaLink™ control – when used with AquaLink® Automation Systems

  • $840.00  Only sold thru store.  No online purchases

Pentair Intellichlor Salt Generator


IntelliChlor uses common table salt to produce all the chlorine a pool needs, safely, effectively and automatically. It provides the same sanitation performance as harsh chlorine additives without the drawbacks. There’s no need to buy, handle and store chemicals.

  • Full diagnostic capabilities, including cell-life tracking that communicates remaining hours of cell life in real-time
  • Push-button operation and easy-to-view displays enable fast checking of salt levels, cell cleanliness, sanitizer output and water flow
  • Automatic shut-off feature protects the unit and prolongs cell life under low-water-temperature conditions
  • On-time cycling prevents calcium and scale buildup to maximize cell life
  • Communicates with IntelliTouch®, EasyTouch® and SunTouch® Automation System

IC20   Up to 20,000 Gallons     $1195.00

IC40   Up to 40,000 Gallons     $1320.00